What's 1% to you?

One Percent Collective exists to inspire generosity and to simplify regular giving so small charities can spend more time working on impact and less time on fundraising.

So how much money is 1% for most people then? For someone on the average hourly wage in NZ, 1% is $10 a week. Actually it works out to less than $7 as you can get tax back on a donation! What about everyone in Aotearoa’s 1%? Based on figures from Philanthropy NZ’s 2011 report:

  • Increasing personal giving to 1% of GDP would mean an extra $426.5 million for the charitable sector.
  • Increasing business giving to 1% of GDP would mean an extra $1.82 billion for the charitable sector. 

Imagine all that money flowing to NZ charities ON THE REGULAR! Happy days! Charities being able to get on with doing good stuff! 

So far our 150+ donors have raised over $90,000 for our partner charities with their 1%. Pretty amazing what 1% can do!

We asked some of our donors and friends what 1% is for them and this is what we got:

Join the collective and give your 1% to one of our six partner charities or pick YOUR favourite charity and go start giving your 1% on the regular.