Urzila's plan to save the world

The world is in crisis. There is political turmoil everywhere, wars, natural disasters. People try to fix the world, they look everywhere and think, where do we start? Maybe if we stop pollution, if we sort out poverty, homelessness or hungry kids, the world will be a better place. However, that is not the answer. The answer is much simpler than that.

The answer is always Oprah Winfrey. She can solve anything. She brings out people’s most vulnerable side. She broke Tom Cruise’s facade. He used to be normal – dare I say, even cool. We all liked him, he could do no wrong. But Oprah knew; Oprah could sense that we were being misled by his cool movie roles. She opened the door and provided the couch and he jumped and we saw and we as a people went, ‘Oooh, no’. Then she gave away cupcakes and everyone in the audience was happy, and she said, ‘Under your seat’ and she gave them washing machines and the world was happy and forgot about the crazy.

That’s what we need more of, a woman that can show us the beauty but not keep the crazy from us. We need truth but with enough good sheets to let us know that the world is rough, but the sheets are soft, and sometimes when everything goes well there might just be some big surprise under your seat.

Now, when I rule the world – not if, because I’ve read enough of Oprah’s books to know I should own it – when I rule the world I will make it compulsory for every human being to watch re-runs of The Oprah Winfrey Show. She sums it up in her own way, with just enough crying, laughing, smiling, singing and being a good friend – all while smelling amazing! I know Oprah cannot save the world from natural disasters, but if we apply her life principles, we will learn to roll with the punches, to live off the land, and that there is no such thing as a pit too dark to come out of, or a ledge too high to climb down from.

Being a good friend means more than having an unlimited supply of money. However, if you could be good friends with Oprah, you could have both – but that’s not what it’s about. I think life in general can be summed up if we live by Gloria Gaynor’s song ‘I will survive’, all the while remembering that no one really survives life.

Illustration by Toby Morris

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