The Little Things

We spoke to five humans at different stages of life about trying to make it good. We riffed on what things they were a little bit proud of and what things they were still working on about themselves. The talented Natasha Vermeulen drew these snippets of conversation into portraits of the little things that matter.

Singer, dancer, maker, artist. Edi raised quite a lot of money for the charity SpinningTop by selling her art! Quite a big thing really...

A bit proud of: Myself!  •  That I help the children that don’t have any mummy and daddy  •  I am healthy, I eat healthy food and stuff  •  My art, cause I’m really good at it

Still trying to: Stop forgetting about eating my lunch, cause I’m too busy  •  Stop taking toys off my sister  •  Not eat too much sugar, it makes me a bit crazy

Arty, swimming enthusiast, loves the ocean, always happy, not a fan of jelly shoes, likes talking and making up strange songs.

A bit proud of:  My visual art piece won the most votes to raise money for Wellington Rape Crisis this year – $400 in total from all art in comp  •  I try to not to use plastic bags whenever I can  •  I always say hello to the bus driver

Still trying to:  Sometimes I’m a bit lazy and don’t put things in the right recycling bin  •  I really shouldn’t eat so much brownie that I throw up  •  Helping my little brothers when my parents are busy

Glassjar app marketing guy by day (and night), Jack also loves music and chilling in the Pacific. 

A bit proud of:  I solved the puzzle and made it work! @GoGlassjar  •  Getting help from experienced developers who show me the ropes [so generous]  •  Remembering to return the scooter keys to the guy in Niue

Still trying to:  Learn more songs note by note  •  Nail the solo from One of These Nights
by The Eagles on the guitar  •  Go running 3 times a week

Dog and motorbike loving uber geek on a mission to be a grown-up. Aimee is a proud new(ish) homeowner.

A bit proud of:  I got around to adopting an adult dog that needed a home... @RufusFoscroft  •  I built a website called IdeaForge where underutilised people, fresh ideas and resources come together. Giving away practically all of my spare ideas now! @ideaforgeIO

Still trying to:  I EVEN EAT FRUIT THESE DAYS!  •  I’ve tried to quit smoking repeatedly but haven’t nailed it just yet...  •  The better I am, the better I can be to the people around me, and the world I live in

Maker of space for others to make in (AKA Makerspace), Tenacious Ferret, pilot, friend, boss and mentor. 

A bit proud of:  Being worthy enough to be asked for advice feels pretty great  •  Created a non-profit portion of my business so that kids can code and make robots  •  My community, my business, having people turn up who want to learn

Still trying to:  Push myself beyond my little box, make the box bigger  •  Get out of your head man!  •  Learn a language, because I never really needed to but now am going to Spain and don’t want to be ‘that rude bastard’

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