Sean Duffell

The Generosity Journal’s cover is created by Sean Duffell –­ a graphic artist whose work takes him to bare walls across Wellington and the world. His captivating style spans illustration, paint and graffiti, saturated in colour, rhythmic with pattern and exploding with character.

Pretty sure I was listening to an Alan Watts talk while drawing a few months back, where he asked a group of people to picture a flower in their mind and then describe the image back to him.

All of the subjects pictured a similar image, which was based on a single flower. Alan asked them if they had thought further than just that one flower; considering its surroundings and the environment it existed in. No one had or did. He went on to say that ideally we would all think of how that flower co­exists within an environment consisting of a whole field of flowers that shared the same soil and the same air. That without those other flowers that particular single flower wouldn’t and couldn’t even exist. This in turn was a metaphor for a philosophical discussion about oneself and how we perceive our environment, community and our social connections. No matter who we are, where we came from, what beliefs we have, we are all connected through our environment.

Personally, when I paint in public spaces one of the most enjoyable activities of the process is engaging with a wide range of people who all share the same environment. I get to talk to a vast array of people from different backgrounds and feel inspired by these engagements. I get to feel a part of that area and community if I’m not a local.

My idea was to paint in my usual media – aerosol paint – on a wall and paint something that highlights these connections, but also highlights the diversity of each individual element that completes the whole. The wall was completed entirely by freehand (no stencils or masking tape) over the course of four days between Wellington wind, rain and a bout of food poisoning.  


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