Kate Tindall Lum

Kate Tindall Lum learned from some of the best by working for The Tindall Foundation, which her parents founded in 1994 and which last year celebrated 20 years of giving to more than 5000 organisations around New Zealand. A trained designer, Kate now specialises in figuring out how to effectively give away funding to reduce social issues, from youth to the homeless.

What’s happening in the world of Kate Tindall Lum for 2016? I’m currently undertaking a secondment at the Vodafone NZ Foundation running the World of Difference and Fellowship funding processes. Both programmes support Kiwis who are committed to supporting our young people, aged 12-24, into meaningful learning. I’m also looking after the Foundation’s communications. I’m really enjoying the work; feeling lucky that I have such a fulfilling job and getting to know my new work pals!

Describe the most generous person you know. How have they influenced you? My mother, Margaret (Marg). She is the kindest, most selfless person I know. My mum loves people, so giving of herself and her kindness is innate. She really listens to people and is genuinely interested in every person she meets. I admire Marg for caring so much about people, and being so natural with them. I want to be kind like her.

Can you name an everyday action that makes the world a better place, yet is underrated? A smile from a stranger.

Can you tell us three things that inspire you and why? Documentaries about space, and anything by David Attenborough. The complexities, scale and beauty of nature and the universe blow my mind and make me feel connected to the world. I like thinking about how we live on a planet that is just one extremely tiny speck in the universe.

Paintings by Mark Rothko and Milton Avery. Their paintings excite and motivate me. I love the way the paint seems to hover.

People who work for themselves on what they love, such as Eddy Royal and Jade Tang-Taylor of Curative, a creative agency that works with social and environmental organisations. And my friend, Chelsea Nikkel, a.k.a. Princess Chelsea. She writes fantastical, beautiful music from her own home and tours the world playing it to others. I think we should all be encouraged to do what we love.

Photography by Kaan Hiini.

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