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Choice is a free, world-first app that shows Kiwis the real time carbon impact of the electricity we’re using. This means, for the first time, we can make a choice about when we use electricity to reduce our environmental impact.


Eat My Lunch. For every lunch purchased, Eat My Lunch also deliver another freshly made lunch to a Kiwi kid in need. While charities like Garden to Table help with the current and long term food literacy of Kiwi kids, these guys are running a wonderful social enterprise which feeds your belly and feeds hungry kids who need to eat, today! We think that’s pretty darn awesome!


FRANK Stationery creates notebooks, journals and diaries. FRANK is set up to support communities in need by donating notebooks to children in schools. For every book you buy, they give a school book to a child in need.


Do Good Jobs is about connecting great people, to do good. They connect passionate, talented people (a.k.a Do-Gooders) with work vacancies that aim to do good and create social and environmental change.


Loyal Workshop is a Kiwi-owned ethical leather company based in Kolkata, India. It exists to provide employment alternatives to fight human trafficking, and to create beautiful hand-stitched leather bags, satchels and other goods.


Garden to Table need your help! They have a new fundraising tea towel that will raise funds to help improve the food literacy of NZ children through growing, harvesting, cooking and sharing fresh, seasonal food. View the two designs at…


Almighty Juices are a proudly NZ owned and operated organic juice company. They’re on a mission to help put veggie gardens in schools and to teach kids how to cook with fresh produce. We are super excited that they donate a portion of their profits to Garden to Table and Common Unity Project in order to make this happen. Legends!


John Oliver is inspiring millions of people around the world to stand up to insane laws and actions that are being taken by those who simply don’t give a shit about others. Described by Donald Drumpf as ‘Very Boring’, John Oliver is anything but. This is a man on a mission to make the world a better place and for that, we salute you, Mr Oliver!

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Good Books is an online store that passes 100% of the e-tail profit directly to fund charitable projects in partnership with Oxfam. We love books and think that if you’re going to buy, then why not do it from a site that supports amazing international development projects? Above are a few of our most inspiring reads, some of which are available at Good Books, enjoy!