Dai's Plan To Save The World

Humans have the power to destroy but we also have the power to fix. The Thames is less polluted now than it was in the 1800s. My body is in better shape than it was when I was in my 20s. Don’t focus on the people who are destroying the world, focus on the day-to-day things that you are doing to save the world. Help your children, family and friends to love, care for animals, mammals and the planet.


Learn to swim in a forest.

Get involved with nature! Take up swimming, mountain biking, trail running or even just running after your mountain bike while it floats down a river. Getting out and getting involved with nature can show you just how important it is to the world. If you are a dictator or even just a budding dictator, getting out for a walk or a swim in the forest will calm you down, and when you are sitting under that waterfall having a nice cup of Oolong tea you will think to yourself: “Why don’t I just chill out? Maybe the world is a better place if I am not a dictator.”

If you are caught up in the grind of the city, take yourself to an empty beach and have a swim. This will wash away the grind and remind you how awesome the world is. No matter what though, remember to swim between the flags. If you can’t get to a beach, just have a bath and think about what you are grateful for. If we all do that we are one step closer to saving the world. However, in the bath always remember to swim between the taps.


Travel your socks off!

By travelling and absorbing other cultures you can begin to respect everyone on the planet. Your perception of other cultures goes from “That’s weird” to “That’s awesome.” It is always good to travel to a destination where you are the outsider. And on a more base level someone has to buy those Thai fishermen pants, Thai fishermen aren’t buying them. I have been to Thailand and I have never seen a fisherman wearing those pants. I have seen a lot of people at music festivals with ginger dreadlocks and fire-pois wearing them though. Maybe they should be called white tourist fire-poi pants.

When you respect another culture you don’t fear it. You realise there are good people everywhere. Difference is awesome. You would hate to have the same meal every night*. Variety is the spice of life and when you realise how special everyone is it reminds you to save the planet. Because if we don’t, humans can’t continue to be awesome.

*if the meal was tacos I could probably have the same meal every night.

Words by Dai Henwood, Photography by Gareth Moon

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