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Issue Four Editor's Spiel

I get super excited thinking about the possibility that if thousands of The Generosity Journal readers donated just $10 a week to causes they care about, we'd raise millions each year to help solve some of the problems
of the world.

I also get a little worried thinking that there are people who don't do a single thing to make this world a better place – no donating, no volunteering, no keep cups, no recycling, not even saying hello to the checkout operator. It scares the hell out of me to see that some people do absolutely nothing to create positive changes in a world that we are all ultimately responsible for.

However, I'm stoked that everyday I get to work with the amazing people who are making a difference. I'm also a strong believer in the ripple effect of small steps to create big changes and the importance of storytelling to inspire those changes. It's why The Generosity Journal exists – to share the stories of those who give a % and of the charities we work with that are creating a better future for you and for future generations!

Be awesome, take action, enjoy this issue and then pass it on to inspire others!

Thank you.


Editor/Chief Doer of Things
at One Percent Collective

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