The Generosity Journal is a freely distributed print and online publication, created by One Percent Collective with the incredible support of our sponsors and a host of generous contributors. The publication features inspiration and interviews from the worlds of business, charity, social enterprise and the arts. 

One Percent Collective is a charity that exists to inspire generosity and to simplify the idea of regular giving to causes we care about. You can join the Collective to support our charities here or if you have ideas for content or would like to be a sponsor, please email us here, thank you!

Issue three Editor's Note

This publication wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the generosity of our Kiwi musicians. Since 2003 I've been photographing the music scene here in NZ. It's what drew me to Wellington and inspired me to produce a free music publication which was part of the inspiration for starting One Percent Collective and this very Journal that you hold in your hands.

Our quarter of a million dollar donation milestone has been reached thanks to our donors and to the Kiwi musicians who donated more than 1% of their time to bring the Collective together at events. As Warren Maxwell of Trinity Roots once said ‘Music and musicians have the sincere ability to bring people together for an event and in doing so re-create ancient rituals that make a community.’

This issue has largely been dedicated to the theme of music and generosity – a chance for us to look outside of the charitable sector for inspiration and to see what part music plays in the world of generosity.

So go on, grab your headphones, line up some sweet Kiwi tunes and take some time out of your day to dive into our #WhyMusic issue of The Generosity Journal.


Editor / Chief Doer of Things
at One Percent Collective

Say hello to the creators and contributors behind the scenes of The Generosity Journal.

Jd Nodder is a long-time supporter of One Percent Collective who has brought her writing and publishing skills to the table once again as sub-editor of The Generosity Journal.

Natasha Vermeulen is an Auckland-based designer and illustrator whose work has featured in The Generosity Journal since day one, with her talent gracing the cover of this very issue.

Sean Duffell & Kelly Spencer are both Wellington-based graphic artists who reside at the Honey Badger Studios, where they helped us shape up the design and illustrations featured in this Journal.

Ren Kirk is an Auckland-based writer and photographer who has spent a good deal of time in and around the NZ music scene. She’s passionate about people and helping share their stories.

Toby Morris is an Auckland-based cartoonist, illustrator and music nerd. Toby’s Pencilsword series on
The Wireless has reached millions worldwide and opened our eyes to incredibly important issues in Aotearoa. 

Martyn Pepperyll is a freelance music journalist, radio broadcaster and DJ from Wellington.

Esther McLaren is a Wellington-based journalist who helped shape our Thomas & Louis interview.

Words can't express how grateful we are to all the contributors, supporters and sponsors who have helped bring The Generosity Journal to life. Their generosity inspires us each and every day, thank you!